Summer Conference 2019

This is US! AAWCC Summer Conference, Oregon Garden Resort, Thursday, July 18, 2019

This Is Us!

Recognizing microaggressions, LGBTQ+ student retention, saving lives, and sparkly cowboy boots – the 2019 summer conference had it all! See more: Live from Summer Conference.

  • Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR
  • Welcome Reception: bingo, themed games, refreshments, prizes
    • Wednesday, July 17 – 7-9pm
    • Orchid Ballroom A

See you next year!

Schedule: Thursday, July 18






Welcome and announcements


Bring Kindness Back: Understanding Implicit Bias & Microaggression

Rebecca Albertini | VP of Operations, Pauly Group

Microaggression and unconscious biases really go hand-in-hand. We have to understand one to understand the other. Developing the skills and having the tools to recognize the biases we bring to the table, how they influence our perceptions, and how they influence our interactions with others is key to reducing incidence of microaggression. We will take a critical look at what microaggression is, how we can address it, and most importantly why kindness is more important today than ever before!

About Rebecca: Rebecca Albertini, Vice President of Operations, leads a team of Research Consultants involved in contacting potential applicants and nominators to produce diverse candidate pools for our client colleges and conduct reference investigations and reports for final candidates. She is currently working toward a PhD in Business Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, with a focus in microaggression and workplace bullying. Rebecca also holds a certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). Prior to joining Pauly Group, Ms. Albertini served as Assistant to the Director/Secretary to the Board and Human Resource Officer for the Illinois Century Network, which was a project operating under the Illinois Board of Higher Education. She was the Coordinator of Human Resources and Special Projects at Springfield College in Illinois, and she has also served as a Human Resources Manager in the corporate environment.



Check out from hotel, if needed.


LGBTQ + Trans Student Issues & Rights

J Gibbons | Queer Resource Center Coordinator, PCC

Despite recent changes in laws at both the state and Federal level, many LGBTQ students still experience significant challenges in achieving their educational goals. This session will cover five key areas where LGBTQ Students may be experiencing barriers and help staff in all positions identify best practices and resources for supporting LGBTQ students in community college settings.

About J: J Gibbons was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has spent the past 6 years working with LGBTQ+ students in higher education in Oregon. They currently serve as the Queer Resource Center Coordinator for the Portland Community College Southeast Campus and the Chair of PCC’s Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee. Having experienced a challenging coming out process while navigating college as a first generation student, J is deeply committed to supporting LGBTQ individuals in post secondary education. When not working with students and advocating for inclusive policies, J loves to cook, backpack and make their own bow ties.




Connectivity: Why & How To Connect With People On Purpose

Ginger Johnson | Professional Speaker and Connector

Connectivity: helps you create and develop meaningful relationships, boost business, raise money, move mountains (in lots of ways), increases enjoyment in life and is flat-out remarkable when you really understand and practice it. Connecting is personal, progressive and engaging. It’s what moves our world forward.

About Ginger: Ginger will energetically share her message and mission of Connectivity – the human to human kind; not the fiber optic kind. If you want to learn more about her, she invites you to simply visit If you’re really curious, you’ll likely Google her and find more – like her TEDx talk, 2 books, YouTube channel, and various and sundry other information. She’s a speaker, teacher, coach and one heckuva cook. For now, she thanks you for your time and attention and looks forward to meeting you soon!

Follow up videos

Ginger put together some videos with follow up ideas and responses for our Summer Conference attendees. Check them out!




Let’s Talk

Updates from campus chapters and the Mentoring Program


Door prizes and closing

2019: we were at the beautiful Oregon Garden Resort
Oregon Garden Resort Lodge