What is Oregon AAWCC?

The Oregon Chapter is affiliated with the National AAWCC, a council of AACC, dedicated to equality, equity, and excellence for women. Oregon AAWCC is an organization developed by Oregon women in community colleges for anyone who supports the mission of Oregon AAWCC, to inspire, champion, and celebrate the talents within each of us. AAWCC encourages professional development for women in community colleges, supports women in leadership roles, develops communication among women in community colleges, promotes and offers local and state workshops, disseminates information on courses, programs and services for professional women. Oregon AAWCC is composed of a board of elected officers who work for community colleges and agencies. These positions are filled by members elected by the community colleges, associations, and agencies.


See the current Oregon AAWCC Bylaws.

Listen to

  • History of AAWCC told by original founders, Mildred Bulpitt and Jane Merritt, at OILD 2009
  • The Insouciant Approach by Mildred Bulpitt (Recorded at Lane Community College in 1975)