Board of Directors, 2019-2021

This page shows past board structure: see the current Board of Directors.

Donna Lewelling

President: 2020-2021

Donna has been involved in state-level higher education policy since 2006. Over the years she has served in various roles including the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner for the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, an Education and Workforce Coordinator, and Policy Analyst.

In January 2016, Donna began her current role as the Deputy Director of the Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development at the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission. In 2018, Donna was also appointed Oregon’s Adult Basic Skills Director. In her role at the state, she as the privilege of leading a team that works every day to create pathways to success for Oregon’s students.

Donna is passionate about community colleges and the students they serve. She currently serves as the President for the Oregon Chapter of the American Association of Community Colleges. In 2018, Donna was awarded the Howard Cherry Outstanding Community College Advocate Award by the Oregon Community College Association for her outstanding contributions and advocacy for Oregon’s Community Colleges.

Donna and her husband, Todd have three adult children and seven grandchildren. Their furry canine children, Furball “Furby” and Trixie ‘the Trickster” Lewelling are actually in charge of the house, but don’t tell them, they are already too spoiled.

Lynn Irvin

Past President: 2020-2021

Lynn Irvin is an Administrative Coordinator at Chemeketa Community College for the College Support Services Division. Lynn is honored to be a part of the state board as past president. She also serves on the national AAWCC board as the Region 8 director.

She became involved in AAWCC in 2002 when attending the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development (OILD). It was such a positive experience that she felt a desire to pay back the organization by becoming more involved. She presented several workshops at fall conferences and was elected to be the VP for Summer Conference. Within a couple years she was then elected to the VP for Fall Conference position and then President. It has been a great opportunity to grow professionally and expand the network of college contacts! I highly recommend this organization and participation at any level!

An outgoing person, Lynn takes pride in the many college endeavors and activities she has had an opportunity to be part of. She has served on many committees including the President’s Advisory Council and the Insurance Task Force. She plans all the employee recognition events. She participated on Chemeketa’s Portland to Coast relay team twice. Currently she is serving as past president of the Chemeketa AAWCC chapter. They were awarded a National Chapter of the Year Award in 2015. A member of Phi Theta Kappa, and loves the lifelong learning environment that is a part of the college. She was selected as the AAUW Outstanding Graduating Woman when receiving her associate’s degree.

Teri Olsen

President Elect: 2020-2021

Teri has worked for Clackamas Community College for 24 years. She has worked in the Business Office, the Small Business Development Center and the last 21 years in the Customized Training & Development Services department. That experience has allowed her to work with many different organizations and industries, and she strives to turn every customer engagement into a continuing long-term customer relationship. Teri has an Associate’s degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Teri has been part of the AAWCC board for six years, and a member for over 19 years. “I was very fortunate to work with an AAWCC board member when I was new to the college and that introduction to the organization has stayed with me throughout my years at CCC. It is my pleasure to be a part of this great organization!

Donna Zmolek

Vice President – Communications: 2020-2021

Donna has worked at Lane Community College since 1990 and currently holds the position of Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Education. She has been involved in AAWCC since 2000, serving on the board of Lane’s local chapter, attending activities hosted by the Oregon chapter, and participating as a national member. Donna held the position of VP Records on the Oregon AAWCC Board from 2007 to 2011 and has served as VP Communications since 2013. AAWCC has had a positive impact on her life and career, and she finds it quite gratifying to support the personal and professional development of women in community colleges.

Dr. Adrienne Ochs

Vice President – Fall Conference: 2021-2022

Dr. Adrienne Ochs works for the State of Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and serves as the Oregon GED Administrator™. In that role she oversees all aspects of GED® testing in the state. She is passionate about teachers, students, and making a difference. Adrienne was raised in Delaware, spent many years at Penn State, then a decade in Iowa, and has called Oregon home since 2007. She and her husband Ben are proud parents of 3 adult children. If you know Adrienne, you’d agree she loves making connections with people, hanging out with family and friends, eating good food, and traveling the world.

Adrienne attended the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development in 2018, and has had a positive, encouraging, gutsy view of women in community colleges ever since.

Lisa Fletcher-Gordon

Vice President – Finance: 2021-2022

Lisa Fletcher Gordon has worked in numerous positions for the last twenty one years at Southwestern Oregon Community College.  She worked at the Small Business Community Center, The Office of Instruction, The Outreach Office and the Coos County Library Services before settling in Human Resources where she has been for the last fifteen years.  One of her favorite things about working in Human Resources is getting to know all of the great employees at Southwestern.  Coming from a large family, Lisa enjoys being around a lot of people and keeping busy.  Lisa has been a member of the Core Committee, the Wellness Committee, AAWCC as well as the local Coos County Health and Wellness Committee. 

In her spare time, Lisa likes to camp and enjoy the great outdoors and loves spending time with her four kids and five grandchildren which keep her very busy.

Lauren Smith

Vice President – Records: 2019-2020

Lauren Smith currently serves as the Dean of Student Belonging and Wellbeing at Portland Community College. Before coming to PCC, she worked at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) as the Director of Academic Support and New Student Programming and as the Title III Project Director. Previous to her move to Oregon’s Community College system, Lauren’s career in education began as a High School Social Studies Teacher at Reynolds High School.

Joining local chapters of AAWCC has enabled Lauren to settle into new campus communities and develop relationships with inspiring and strong women, and she has been a devotee of the Association ever since. She counts her experience at the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development (OILD) in June 2018 as one of the most profound and impactful experiences of her career and she is thrilled to be a member of the AAWCC State Board.

Kristina Holton

Vice President – Membership and Registration: 2019-2020

Kristina Holton is the Dean of Science, Engineering and Mathematics at Linn-Benton Community College. She worked previously at Lane Community College and taught math at both the middle and high school levels. She has great enthusiasm and passion for the work we do within community colleges and a strong drive to help students succeed in achieving their goals and dreams. Kristina’s involvement with AAWCC has grown over the past few years, starting with her attendance at OILD and now serving on her local chapter board and the state board. She credits AAWCC for helping her make and maintain many awesome friendships!

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters and friends. When she’s not running kids to activities, she makes time to indulge in her hobby of baking. Kristina has an affinity towards watches, even though she won’t tell anyone just how many she has in her collection!

Amber Fultz

Amber Fultz

Vice President – Summer Conference: 2021-2022

Amber Fultz works at Portland Community College as a Facilities Scheduling Coordinator. She has worked for PCC since 2006 when she started as a student. Amber graduated from Portland State University with her Bachelors of Social Science. She was introduced to the AAWCC early on in her career and has been an advocate ever since. Amber has served on the Board of her local Chapter for the last several years and has served a 3 year term as President. She has attended many local conferences and even a few national conferences. Amber says that she loves to inspire and motivate people, especially women. That is what AAWCC has done and continues to do for her. She believes that leading from where you are is done in small and large acts and anyone can do it.

Lydia Rediske

Vice President – Web Development: 2016-2022

Lydia is a Web Development Specialist at Portland Community College, where she started working in 2008. Lydia has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and an Associate degree in Applied Computer Science. She was raised in Clackamas and Multnomah counties, and likes to spend time exploring the PNW by foot, bicycle, train, van, jeep, and boat.

Sydney Frost

Vice President – OILD

Sydney Frost claims to be born and raised in Oregon’s community college system with her first “gig” at the age of six leading a campus tour of Chemeketa CC for her first-grade classmates. Sydney attended the University of Oregon and earned a BA in English in 2004, then completed her MS in Postsecondary Adult Continuing Education (PACE) in 2008 from Portland State University (PSU). After a stint or more at Portland CC, Rock Creek, and PSU, Sydney officially joined Mt. Hood Community College’s (MHCC) workforce in 2009, where she currently serves as the Dean for Accessible Ed. Services, Career Planning & Counseling, Human Development, Testing Services, and Veteran Services (i.e., Student Development-y work).

After participating in OILD in 2013 and being involved in MHCC’s rebirth of its local AAWCC Chapter, Sydney then joined the AAWCC Oregon State Board in the fall of 2013 as its VP of Membership and now serves as the VP of OILD after some much-needed guidance under the legendary women affiliated with this program. Since her first exposure to AAWCC and OILD, her response continues to be: “I hope the women behind this all are contagious because I want to catch it and then spread it.” Beyond the joys of work, Sydney’s life is met with daily thrills with her partner, Brian, and sons, Oliver “Ollie,” & Oscar.

Cherie Maas-Anderson

National AAWCC Representative

Cherie Maas-Anderson has worked for Portland Community College for the past 26 years.  At PCC, she has been a Service District Liaison, a Employee Relations Specialist, a Budget Operations assistant and currently employed in the English/World Languages Division.  In the past, she has served as the Union VP of Membership, Grievance officer and served on numerous bargaining teams. Cherie is currently the President for the PCC chapter of AAWCC and a recent receipt of the Carol DesJardins award.  “I believe that AAWCC is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and build lasting relationships that inspire a network of professional colleagues.”

When Cherie is not at work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, gardening, cooking and fly-fishing on the Deschutes River.

Karin Magnuson

President Emerita

Karin has worked at Linn Benton Community College for 17 years as a Workforce Training Specialist in the Business and Employer Services Department. She is a dedicated and creative teacher, facilitator and instructional designer. Karin has been active in LBCC’s local chapter of AAWCC, serving as Co-President twice and holding a variety of other offices as well. She is currently serving as LBCC-AAWCC Vice President for Program & Publicity. She has been a regular presenter at the AAWCC Annual Fall Conference and always looks forward to the opportunity to grow and learn with other women committed to the AAWCC mission. In her time away from work, Karin plays the bassoon in community music groups, loves arts and crafts and spends more time in her garden than she does doing housework which, as she sees it, is at it should be!

Cam Preus

Cam Preus

Ex-Officio Member

Dr. Camille (Cam) Preus is the Executive Director of the Oregon Community College Association (OCCA). Cam was appointed September 2019 by the OCCA Board of Directors. The association represents and advocates for the 17 community colleges.

Prior to her OCCA appointment, she was the President of Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) serving Morrow, Umatilla and Baker counties in Oregon. With service centers in Pendleton, Milton-Freewater, Boardman, Hermiston and Baker City, the BMCC district covers primarily rural and frontier Oregon, serving over 8,000 students.

Dr. Preus serves on numerous regional/national boards that champion and advocate for increasing opportunity for postsecondary education, a few of note include: American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Presidents Academy Executive Committee, the AACC Advocacy Advisory Committee, Eastern Oregon Women’s Coalition, Eastern Oregon Regional Solutions, and the Eastern Oregon Workforce Board.

Prior to her appointment as President in 2013, Cam held leadership roles in Oregon in community colleges & workforce development at both state and local levels. She also has private sector experience as a chemist and quality control manager with United States Steel. Cam graduated from Cumberland College (TN), Middle Tennessee State University, earned an MSBA from Indiana University and received her doctorate in Community College Leadership from Oregon State University.

Mary Spilde

Ex-Officio Member

Mary Spilde, President, Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, August 2001 to present. Mary joined Lane in 1995 as Vice President for Instructional Services. In 1997, she became Vice President for Instruction and Student Services. Prior to that, she served 15 years at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, in a variety of positions including dean of business, health, and training. Mary served on the Oregon Workforce Quality Council for six years and the Oregon Workforce Investment Board for three years as well as serving on numerous local boards.

Mary earned a bachelor’s degree in business and social systems and a law degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She completed a master’s in adult education and a doctorate in post-secondary education at Oregon State University.

Presently, Mary is past chair of the American Association of Community Colleges board of directors and serves on their Sustainability Task Force.  Lane Community College is a League for Innovation in the Community College board college, and Mary currently serves as a board member and was co-editor of the League publication The Sustainable Community College: Holistic Approaches to Sustainability. She is also a board member of the American Association of Colleges and Universities and recently served on the steering committee for the American Presidents Commitment to Climate Control.