Fall Conference 2019

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Our annual week of inspiration and empowerment!

  • When: Nov 21 – Nov 22, 2019
  • Where: Tigard Embassy Suites

Conference schedule

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Welcome Reception

Presidential Suite: floor 8, room 807

Join us for a casual evening reception! Reconnect with friends from previous conferences, enjoy snacks and have a drink on us.  Hosted by the AAWCC Oregon Board.



Willamette + Hood River Ballroom


Registration desk open

Market Foyer


Welcome & Introductions

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Angela Provart


Keynote: Angela Provart

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Angela Provart is president and chief executive officer of Pauly Group, Inc.  She holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from University of Illinois; Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Psychology from McKendree University, and has been with the company since 1996.  Her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from University of Chicago will be completed in January, 2020.  Read more…




Morning breakout sessions

River rooms

Why do courage and authenticity in leadership matter? These two attribute are actually the foundation and lifeblood of leadership. Demonstrating courage and living authenticity will have a powerful impact how you approach your work and personal life. During this workshop we will examine characteristics and actions of courageous and authentic leadership, explore the role of personal and professional courage, identify self-limiting factors, learn ways to engage with others as they build their own leadership capacity, and identify key questions to ask yourself when making a commitment to leadership growth.

Do you feel appreciated? Do you show your appreciation to others? This workshop looks at creating a culture of appreciation in our workplace. People who feel appreciated show a greater dedication to one another and commitment to their work. As with personality styles, each person has different ways he or she likes to be appreciated. Some people value quality time, such as a walk or lunch together. Others like to receive cards or small thoughtful gifts. Come and participate in this interactive workshop. Learn about your appreciation style.  Discuss the value of your co-workers feeling appreciated. Brainstorm ways to show appreciation to others in their ‘language’. This workshop will inspire you to demonstrate your appreciation of others.

Mentorship is a powerful tool that can be useful in every aspect of one’s life. Mentoring can be a unique experience for both parties. It creates a space for ideas to develop, flourish, and ultimately come to fruition. Mentoring often consists of long-term relationships focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. Mentors can be seen as a source of wisdom, teaching, and support. The goal of this presentation is identify ways to overcome uncomfortable/forced mentor-mentee relationships, by providing tips, tools, and strategies for recognizing productive mentor-mentee relationships. Additionally, this presentation will highlight ways to recognize mentorship opportunities in various parts of life.

My parents brought me to America when I was 15 years old. I learned I was undocumented, and what it meant, during my senior year in High school in Bend, Oregon. For a few years I dwelled on my luck until one day I realized that being undocumented has always been the force to my wins in my education. Today I’m carving a path to become President at a higher institution and dedicate the rest of my life to policy and equity in higher education institutions.




Mid-day breakout sessions

River rooms

Can being prejudice ever be good? Why are we so messed up? What does science have to say about why we have cognitive biases that distort our thinking? Come help Jan relive her favorite 8 psychological concepts while we explore ways to help ourselves and others get more accurate views of reality.

Join this mind body session for a more balanced approach to daily living.  You’ll learn about what good posture and alignment looks like to experience less tension in your body and to move with greater ease.  We’ll review why, when, how, what and how much we eat, and you’ll learn about mindful eating.   Mindful eating helps you get in touch with sensations of hunger and satiety to reconnect with your instinctive ability to both nourish your body and to enjoy eating.  We’ll discuss mindfulness in general to provide you with techniques to experience life more fully.  Studies show we are happiest when we are in the moment, when we practice kindness and compassion, for ourselves and others.

Let’s roundtable ideas of chapter events that have worked, not worked, need some tweaking, or just haven’t yet been thought of. Join us to see if we can spark ideas on events, how to promote your chapter and the coordination of your activities. Bring your questions. Let’s share!

Join in a lively discussion about women’s leadership in the workplace. This session will be facilitated by an English faculty member and will allow presenters to consider what servant leadership means, where it happens, and how it happens from any job position. The session will also feature creative leadership inspiration from poetry and music. Shake off any feelings of being burdened and get re-energized about what you’re already doing or could be doing – just by being you!


Awards Lunch

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Ramycia McGhee


Keynote: Dr. Ramycia McGhee

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Dr. Ramycia McGhee was born and raised on the westside of Chicago. She received her. B.A. from the University Wisconsin-Whitewater in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Race and Ethnic Cultures. During her undergraduate career she was a McNair Scholar, which afforded her the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research throughout the state, country, and internationally.  Read more…




Afternoon breakout sessions

River rooms

Zumba is an exercise fitness program that combines Latin and International music with dance moves. Spend 60 minutes dancing away while burning calories and having fun! (Bring fitness attire, sports bra, etc)

Participants will learn how to be prepared when tricky situations arise at work, so they will not suffer from “analysis paralysis” and be able to respond well while in the moment.

This session will give the participants insightful information about preparing for a career move into a senior leadership position in a community or technical college.  Through an interactive discussion with the President of the Pauly Group, a national academic search consulting firm, participants will gain insight into the art of resume and cover letter preparation. 

The discussion also includes information about presentation and answering questions in an interview situation. 

Join AAWCC Vice President Kristina Holton as she shares her journey of mentee to mentor and the tips she has learned along the way. Also learn about the statewide mentoring program and how you can join.


AAWCC Reception


Wrap up your Thursday conference activities at the AAWCC Reception. Meet or reunite with Oregon Institute for Leadership Development and National Institute for Leadership Development attendees.


Paint the Night Away: Painting Party

John Day River Room

Pre-registration required.



Willamette + Hood River Ballroom


Registration desk open

Market Foyer


Exciting Announcements & Upcoming Events

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Carmen Poston Travis


Keynote: Carmen Poston Travis

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

Carmen Poston Travis is the Executive Director of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges, serving on the national board. She is also the Director of Student Affairs and Initiatives at Montgomery College. She has 25 years of experience in educational and vocational administration, including K-12, vocational rehabilitation, and higher education. Read more…




Morning breakout sessions

River rooms

Participants will learn an easy yet powerful form of self-healing to reboot, refresh and restore your energetic being. Qigong is slow, gentle movement using visualization and the infinite power of your mind to help restore physical well-being, mental clarity and enable you to fire up your potential to accomplish what your passion desires for work and play. This session is experiential and any attire will do. Beginners are especially welcome.

Safe Zone is an ally training program that gives participants information in order to better understand the queer community and be inspired to continue to learn and grow with regard to being allies to queer people. This presentation will focus on understanding the vocabulary associated with the queer community.

AAWCC has worked deliberately and diligently to ensure the equitable treatment and success of women in community colleges. AAWCC champions the needs and interests of women working in community colleges through professional development, mentoring, and advocacy; and ensures the equitable and just treatment of women attending community colleges, working in community colleges, and visiting community colleges through advocacy, compliance, and awareness.” Are we our own champions? Do we advocate for ourselves? By nature women are nurturers and have the tendency to put others first while neglecting themselves, giving to others what they do not demand or do for themselves. This session will encourage and challenge attendees to consider and develop personal components of R.E.S.P.E.C.T and discuss approaches, techniques, and tips for doing so to become a better YOU (emerging leader, etc.)

We can all be diversity and equity practitioners by being allies. Learn to recognize barriers and to work with your community to champion the diversity and equity work taking place at your campus.


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Special Musical Performance and
Annual Business Luncheon

Willamette + Hood River Ballroom

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